Vintage Coat Hangers

Do you remember when coat hangers were not fit to be used as coat hangers until they were dollied up by Granny in that crocheted coat- hanger -jersey -thingy.

{Ditto the toilet seat and spare toilet roll}

Well I have to admit that I possess some.

{Crochet covered coat hangers that is}

But let me quickly add that they are not the aforementioned type – ok, yes I do own a few 80’s inspired jersey covered hangers which I keep for purely utilitarian reasons (and because I can’t throw anything away, and because Granny made them…) – but, no, the ones I ‘d like to tell you about are absolutely GORGEOUS!

I have a bit of a coat hanger fetish, actually, so I was over the moon when I inherited some charming candy coloured, vintage hangers. Swathed in an under layer of satin, and ornately crocheted in a delicate cotton of matching shade , I just knew that these beautiful Cinderellas could not be hidden in the cupboard with their ugly – yet younger – step sisters.

So this is what I did:

1 x wooden board just wider than the widest hanger, painted in a pretty pastel

5 x nails at equal intervals down the center of the board

5 x beautiful vintage coat hangers

Hook a hanger on each nail

Voila…easy peazy… a work of art!

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