Jadeite Vintage Glassware

Jadeite or Jade-ite – depending on its company of origin- is named for its jade green colouring, and is a range of kitchenware and accessories made popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Produced by melting green glass with other scrap glass, this range of kitchenware was cheap to manufacture, and due to its affordability, was a welcome respite in the time of the Depression, and the years shortly thereafter. Procured for use in private homes, as well as in restaurants and diners, it was also given away in promotions with foodstuffs, and at gas stations! The fact that it was durable, and rather attractive, meant that its popularity lasted until the mid 1970’s.

Manufactured by various companies in the USA, this collection is known by several names and by an assortment of identifiable hallmarks.

First produced in the 1930 s by the McKee Glass Company the range was known as Skokie Green ( they also produced glassware in other colours with names like Seville Yellow and Chalaine Blue),it was then marketed as Jadeite by the Jeanette Glass Company ,and as Jade-ite by the Anchor Hocking Corporation.

The Anchor Hocking Corporation was the largest and most well- known of the manufacturers, and they were responsible for the Fire- King range of Jade-ite, which was made to be heat and oven resistant.

McKee Jadeite is identifiable by the letters McK in a circle at the bottom of each piece, Jeanette Jadeite can be unmarked, or may be embossed with a J in a triangle, and Anchor Hocking Jade-ite is usually marked, at its base, with the words Fire- King.

As far as collectibles go, look out for pieces like cups, plates, mixing bowls, salt and pepper shakers, and canisters, with steel lids, but also keep your eyes peeled for quirky items like door knobs and ashtrays!